What Does ADHD in Adults Look Like? 

Many times, ADHD in kids goes undiagnosed, which leads to problems in the later stages of life. If you have been struggling with concentration, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity throughout life and it is currently impacting your mental well-being, chances are you might have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. 

ADHD impacts almost every sphere of an adult’s life, from relationships with their partners and peers to performance at work and college. Hence, if you suspect that you might be suffering from this mental condition, it is best to consult professional mental health experts. Most times, intensive outpatient programs or IOP have turned out to be very effective in managing symptoms of ADHD. If you live in California and are searching for an effective  IOP program for ADHD in La Jolla, CA, you will be relieved to know that numerous treatment centers have helped individuals battle this mental sickness successfully. So, what does ADHD in adults look like? Read the article below to know more. 

Symtoms of ADHD in Adults

  1. Strained relationships: 

People suffering from ADHD have difficulty maintaining a healthy relationship, whether it is personal, professional, or romantic. Since ADHD makes a person inattentive, and they get bored easily or talk over a conversation, they come across as insensitive and irresponsible, which impacts their relationship with others. 

  1. Highly disorganized:

Another common trait of adults suffering from ADHD is being highly disorganized. Most adults have difficulty being organized and managing multiple tasks at the same time, and this shouldn’t be taken as a symptom of ADHD. However, when one is unable to manage even the simplest of tasks and finds it difficult to cope with the daily routine, the real problem arises. This should be taken as a symptom of ADHD, and adults must seek help immediately from professionals. 

  1. Being hyper-focused: 

While being inattentive is one of the most common signs of ADHD, adults with this mental illness can maintain a hyper-focus on things they are interested in. However, the hyper-focus may also become an obsession, impacting their lives. 

Now, there is no problem with being hyper-focused on things that people are interested in. However, as adults, we have a lot of tasks and responsibilities that we need to take care of, and our inability to focus on those things is what causes real trouble. 

  1. Experiencing restlessness and anxiety: 

Adults who suffer from ADHD experience extreme restlessness and anxiety. Such adults always want to keep doing something or another, and being idle causes frustration. Moreover, most of these adults experience anxiety and are constantly fidgeting, find difficulty sitting still, or keep tapping their feet and hands all this time. 

  1. Unable to contain their emotions: 

Living with ADHD means your emotions are constantly on a roller coaster ride. You get bored easily, seek enjoyment, and make impulsive decisions. Moreover, you get frustrated with small things and experience constant mood swings. 

Role of IOP Programs in Battling ADHD:

The intensive Outpatient Program plays an important role in managing ADHD by providing structural therapeutic support that addresses the diverse needs of the patients and their conditions. Firstly, IOP offers a structured environment where individuals are assisted and treated to manage their ADHD symptoms. Secondly, these programs offer flexibility to the patient, meaning that they can decide the frequency of the treatment based on their need and goals. Thirdly, these programs include various behavioral therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to develop coping mechanisms, improve focus, and reduce impulsivity. Lastly, they often include a holistic approach where you attend sessions with your partner or family for holistic development that includes integrating physical health, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. 


Battling with ADHD can be really frustrating as it impacts all the spheres of your life. After reading about some of the common symptoms of ADHD, if you suspect you are suffering from this mental illness, it is important to seek help from professionals.

Many professional ADHD treatment centers offer IOP, which enables you to take sessions at your own pace and schedule therapies based on your convenience, thus making treatment convenient for busy adults. 

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