The 4 Best Free Market Research Tools This Year

In a market saturated with offers, differentiating yourself from the competition becomes increasingly complicated. Market research helps companies design ideal buyer models that allow them to create more effective marketing and communication campaigns. To collect this information, there is nothing better than using the best free market research tools. Apart from these tools, seeking information from online discussion forums is also recommended for better understanding. If you are having trouble accessing any of them due to access location restrictions then Surfshark can help you. Read here about Surfshark!

The construction of a buyer persona is, without a doubt, the cornerstone of a well-targeted strategy and, therefore, more likely to impact the target. To do this, it is essential to determine the preferences of these model buyers, something that can only be done through the collection and analysis of analytical data.

How to do market research?

New technologies have changed the way people are informed and buy and, thus, a huge market has opened up for companies. The different online market research techniques allow the company to obtain detailed information about the consumer, such as their consumption habits, with a lower use of resources than necessary in the past.

The data obtained through online observation, virtual surveys, communities, and online focus groups serve to understand the target audience and their behavior, determine a buyer persona, and find business opportunities in the short, medium, and long term.

Let’s discuss together the best free market research tools of 2024 below.

Many qualitative market research tools are available to companies for free. In fact, every year there is a proliferation of online communities, focus groups, and virtual interviews that promote a deeper understanding of the consumer;

Of course, there are also quantitative market research techniques, such as virtual surveys. However, the main information accessed through the free market research tools listed below is qualitative.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google’s keyword search engine is an interesting market research tool, as it allows you to detect the needs of real users in a given period of time. In this way, you will be able to estimate the possible interest that your product or service could arouse and the volume of traffic you could attract. Despite being a free-to-use tool, you need to take into consideration that Google will not show the exact volume of searches unless you are an AdWords user; That is, only those who have an active Google advertising account can see all the information related to a particular word.

2. Google Analytics

Among the most used market research tools, Google Analytics stands out. This application is integrated into the website through a tracking code that approves the platform’s access to the page data. Subsequently, Google Analytics provides a report on website activity that includes number of visits, geographic location of users, browsing time and bounce rate, pages visited, and performance of advertising campaigns.

3. Semrush

Semrush is considered a key market research tool simply because it provides information about one’s own website, social media, and even the competition. This way, you can know not only the keywords that potential clients are searching for but also those that your competitors use. The free subscription allows limited searches for both keywords and comparisons with the competition. However, the insights it provides are very interesting and can be transformed into first-level data with the corresponding analysis.

4. Google Trends

Another free market research tool that can be very useful is Google Trends, a platform that monitors the most popular content today. Basically, you will be able to know what is being talked about on the internet. Corroborating the topics that generate interest can help you take advantage of trends and find market opportunities, in addition to knowing your model buyer in greater depth.

Of course, there are other market research tools but the four above are free and most widely used by marketers around the world. They are very useful for reading global trends before you go down a more specific path.

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