Mark Vientos of Mets Concentrated on Living “day by day” During Big-league Opportunity

Mark Vientos has had yet another up-and-down season, both physically and metaphorically. The best prospect in the New York Mets organization had a fantastic spring training, but slugger J.D. Martinez demoted Vientos to the minor leagues to begin the season because he left him without a defined position. In spite of this loss, Vientos performed admirably in Triple-A, putting up five home runs and scoring 22 runs in the first month of the season to display his indisputable skill and tenacity.

While Starling Marte was placed on the bereavement list, Vientos’ perseverance paid off as he was brought up to the majors. He had an instant impact, most notably against the Cardinals with a walk-off home run. Many demanded that he be given a more permanent position in the majors as a result of his performance. 

Carlos Mendoza, manager of the Mets, gave an explanation for the move, pointing out that Vientos might see greater playing time in games against left-handed pitchers. “It’s a combination of matchups and putting guys in a spot to have success,” Mendoza stated. “Because we’re playing a lefty today and maybe a couple more in our upcoming series against the Marlins, we felt it was a good opportunity for him to get some playing time here, which is why the decision was made.” Vientos is expected to share time at third base with Brett Baty, who has made progress defensively but still struggles at the plate. Martinez usually occupies the designated hitter position.

Even though it’s unclear how long this chance will last—especially because the team doesn’t have a backup middle infielder and Jose Iglesias is playing well in Syracuse—Vientos is staying in the moment. “Now that I’m here, I’m happy,” Vientos remarked. “It makes me happy to be with the squad. I just take things day by day. I don’t look into the future; I’m just staying with the things I have to do on a daily basis and worrying about the things that are about to happen.”

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