Your Guide to Maintaining CPR Certification


A CPR renew can be immensely helpful; it not only allows you to update and refresh your skills and knowledge, but also allows you to be prepared to deal with emergencies. With a CPR renew, you can help someone in need until advanced medical help arrives and improve the chances of the patient’s survival.

CPR saves the lives of almost 100,000 people who suffer from cardiac emergencies, every year. It is therefore important to keep renewing your CPR skills. Let’s take a look at why you should undergo a CPR renew process and how it can benefit you.

Why should you undergo a CPR renew process? 

CPR skills are important during emergencies of the heart or lungs. Since these are life saving techniques, you need to constantly update yourself with the latest guidelines and protocols. Here are some reasons to undergo a CPR renew process:

  • Complying with regulatory norms 

Many professional roles require you to have a valid CPR certificate. These include teachers, lifeguards, fitness coaches, and healthcare professionals. Renewing your card in a timely manner helps you seamlessly practice CPR techniques. You also remain compliant with workplace standards and regulatory norms. 

  • Increases confidence during emergencies 

Regularly renewing your CPR card will keep you updated with standards and protocols, and you will be more confident to perform the techniques when needed. 

When to undertake your CPR renewal? 

There are many ways you can undertake a CPR renewal. You can either opt for online or offline classes. Some course providers also offer blended learning options.

  • Online CPR renew

If you sign up for an online course, you can take the CPR renewal course via a laptop or a mobile; all you need is the internet. Online, you can easily access interactive learning modules and training videos. Once you are confident of having absorbed the knowledge, you can take the final test. Once you pass the test, you will immediately receive your renewed digital certification card which you can download and print.

  • Offline CPR renew

If you want, you can sign up for offline classes to renew your CPR card. Offline, you will have access to instructors and in-person training sessions where you can easily practice your skills. 

  • Blended learning 

Blended training allows you to take both offline and online classes where you can easily complete your CPR recertification. After passing the skills test, you will get a CPR renewal card and CPR training.

Renewing your CPR certification

Renewing your CPR certification from time to time is important, especially if you work in healthcare, medicine, or are likely to be around vulnerable people who may suffer emergencies. The renewal process is easy and takes a few steps to finish. Here is a complete guide to help you get your CPR card renewed:

  • Check the expiration date and eligibility

The first thing you should do is check to see the expiration date of your CPR certification. Some organizations may have specific rules about who can renew their membership and when they need to renew. 

  • Pick a way to renew

You can choose from online, offline or blened learning modes to brush up on your knowledge and skills. Many people prefer getting their CPR renewal online as it is easy, doesn’t take too much time, and is affordable.

  • Find out where you can practice 

Many hospitals, medical facilities and community groups offer CPR training and certification programs. You can find out where you can practice your skills in-person, once you have completed the coursework online. 

  • Finish your exam 

Once you have signed up and gone through the course modules, you can sit for the final examination to get certified.

  • Get your CPR renew card

After passing the test, you will get your new CPR certification card. This card will be valid for two years from the renewal date.


Ensuring your CPR skills are updated is crucial because it can make or break your ability to help during an emergency and potentially save a life. A CPR renewal course can be taken easily from anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is register for the course before your current CPR card expires. Remember that competence is more than just a certificate and that regularly practicing CPR techniques will help keep your skills sharp and improve your muscle memory. 

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