Key Considerations for Selecting a Freestanding Bathtub

The perfect book, music, and your bathing experience makes for a great experience. Regarding bathroom remodeling, bathtub selection is a must. They make your bathroom experience increase manifold. Nowadays, households with bathtubs look to convert their strictly functional room into a personal spa oasis.

You can choose the star of your bathroom and make your special moment come true. Bathtub have an ability to take you back to the Kingsley era. Among the many options available, the leading choice is a freestanding design for indulging in a nice, hot soak. Large freestanding bathtubs are guaranteed to attract the attention of anyone who enters the bathroom immediately and catch their eye. Moreover, those considering the best of both worlds can go for freestanding tubs in showers. It gives you the comfort of a bathtub and the thrill of a shower.

The focus is clearly on your wellness here, enabling you to lie back, take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy this delicately balanced union of comfort and design. But before you take the plunge to make your bathtime exquisite, you must consider the following when selecting the freestanding bathtub.

1.  Material Selection

One advantage of acrylic is that it comes in many colors and forms. Heat softens the acrylic sheets so that large plastic slabs can be molded into the appropriate shape. The end product of the procedure is a smooth, non-porous surface that holds heat, although the plastic can scratch easily.

Another material modified for the bathing scene is fiberglass, which isn’t all that different from a boat or a pool. Lighter weight has significant advantages over steel or cast iron in terms of installation convenience and structural needs, particularly on second floors or higher, where additional reinforcement may be required to maintain the weight.

2.  Space Availability

If you choose to have a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom, ensure there is adequate space between it and other fixtures and walls so you can use the bathtub from any angle. You should also give your freestanding bathtub the required room to make the design stand out.

3.  Dimensions

Freestanding bathtubs include continuous paneling or an apron. There are two distinct size groups for freestanding bathtubs: The larger types are also suitable for two people because they measure around 6 feet in length by 2.6 feet wide (180 x 80 cm). Conversely, smaller versions measure roughly 5.25 feet in length and 2.5 feet in width (160 x 75 cm).

Thanks to these, you may still experience the comfort of a standalone bathtub even in slightly smaller bathrooms, even though they inherently offer less internal space. The following dimensions are meant to serve as a guide and may differ somewhat between models. For a clear overview, Kohler freestanding tubs’ external and internal dimensions are always available on the corresponding product pages on the Kohler Africa Website.

4.  Inlet and outlet

While plumbing freestanding tubs, itssignificantly longer drain pipe compared to built-in bathtubs make installation challenging regarding the proper slope. Furthermore, the water must be fed in from the floor rather than the wall. You should prepare for some extensive conversion work if the bathtub is part of a redesign because the floor must be opened up to lay the pipes, and holes must be drilled to connect them. If you have underfloor heating, you should take this seriously and only be assessed and done by qualified experts.

5.  Color

Different color combinations create a beautiful contrast. White is definitely the most popular color for freestanding bathtubs, regardless of the material. Freestanding black bathtubs are incredibly classy, and their simple elegance is captivating. Moreover, Dual-tone colors are available to make your bathroom stand out. Matte shades are also in trend to make for eye-catching interiors.

 Closing Thoughts

Among the myriad of options available today, freestanding bathtubs stand out as a great choice. They combine style with substance to create an effortless experience. Modern freestanding tubs with showers are a great choice, combining both shower and bathtub experience. Whether looking for a freestanding tub, large or small, Kohler Africa offers a wide array of options. Freestanding Kohler bathtubs are your ultimate escapade for a rejuvenating and refreshing experience. Go bold, Go Kohler.

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