How to Clean Portable Restrooms

Keeping portable restrooms clean means providing a comfortable and sanitary experience for users.

Whether it’s a construction site or an outdoor event, the state of porta potties greatly affects general satisfaction.

For effective cleaning that keeps your units clean and welcoming, read on.

Regular Cleaning Importance

Sanitation has become even more important in the post-COVID-19 world. A careful cleaning regimen for porta potties can dramatically increase cleanliness, reducing health risks.

Being consistent with your cleaning is necessary if you want to keep your clients happy and trusting you.

Maintenance Problems

The cleaning practices among drivers can sometimes be inconsistent, leading to unsanitary conditions.

It is usually easier to train new drivers than to retrain old ones because they do not have any habits that might get in the way of doing things the right way.

Cleaning Steps

There is more to a thorough cleaning than just emptying the waste tank. First, the tank is carefully checked for any damage.

Next, fresh water and a deodorizing agent are used to fill it up and get rid of any smells.

The next steps include scrubbing down every surface with a disinfectant solution, inside and out, to keep a high level of hygiene.

Restocking After Cleaning

Equally important is restocking the restroom trailers with basic cleaning supplies after each clean.

For example:

  • replacing urinal cakes
  • refilling soap or sanitizer
  • keeping ample toilet paper

Following SOPs

Maintaining hygiene standards and customer satisfaction in the portable sanitation industry hinges on strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Regular audits using inspection tools leave no room outside of compliance, giving an objective measure of cleanliness and maintenance quality. This step is needed to find ways to improve and make sure that services meet high standards.

Tips for Optimal Cleaning

Don’t forget to keep a portable toilet clean and fresh. Stay away from chemicals that are harmful for you and only use approved cleaning products.

Scrub well, and make sure everything is rinsed and dried to stop mold and mildew from growing. Putting in deodorizers will keep the units smelling good.

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